Trevor Noah blasts MSNBC for ‘journalistic abomination’ covering San Bernardino shooters

[comedycentral id=”8ea1055c-0876-4f9a-8dcf-2df7ec680bad”]

On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah blasted MSNBC for its coverage of the house of the San Bernardino shooters. Last week, a number of news organizations were allowed into the house of the attackers, and many aired the scavenging live. But while CNN and Fox tended to use wider shots that wouldn’t reveal sensitive information, MSNBC’s Kerry Sanders rummaged through everything, showing photos and IDs on air, including photos of children. “I know I’m still learning the news networks here,” says Trevor, “but is it supposed to look like the movie Nightcrawler?…I think MSNBC took that movie as an instructional video.” Joking that it looked like an episode of Storage Wars, Trevor says, “coming up, whenever you see a blur on your screen, just think ‘journalistic abomination,'” before rolling the MSNBC footage.

Watch below to see how Trevor began the show by calling out Obama for interrupting the latest episode of his favorite show, Quantico, to deliver an underwhelming speech on ISIS and domestic terrorism.

[comedycentral id=”3dcf8942-fb43-47e4-a658-3ec8983ea83a”]


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