Trevor Noah explains why everyone in the Senate hates Ted Cruz

[comedycentral id=”e2f6f9a8-8a8f-45ef-a193-6b2fed94eea2″]

On Thursday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah gave the rundown on why everyone from both sides of the aisle hates Ted Cruz. Cruz has seen a surge in support recently after making bold statements on the Second Amendment, including holding a gun rally just days after the shooting in San Bernardino. But it turns out, despite his popularity with his constituents, Ted Cruz is the most hated guy in the Senate. “He’s the first person in recent memory who’s been able to unite people of both parties in their hatred for him. And maybe—just maybe—for that reason, we all might grow to love him. But probably not.” Watch the video to see pundits call him a fraud and a whacko, and his college roommate do the math on his hatred for Cruz.


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