Trevor Noah taunts Anonymous over ISIS, but it was just a joke, Anonymous!

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On Wednesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah singlehandedly took down those fighting against ISIS, then apologized. Geraldo Rivera recently suggested that America should be afraid ISIS might get ahold of an Amazon drone and start dropping bombs. “Even worse,” says Trevor, “what if ISIS gets their hands on an Amazon Prime account! It’ll be free two day shipping on bombs. In New York, same day!” Luckily, America has computer nerds on its side. The hacker collective Anonymous declared war on ISIS, saying they have reached their limit. “You have reached your limit, ISIS. Your free version of terror has expired. It’s time for you to pay for the pro version.” Trevor then looks at the camera and apologizes to Anonymous, who could surely ruin his life. Trevor goes on to discuss other groups who have declared their intent to battle ISIS, including another hacker group called Ghost Security Group, and the mafia, both of whom Trevor has to ask for forgiveness.


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