Larry Wilmore teaches kids about slavery after Texas Board of Education whitewashes textbooks

[comedycentral id=”84fce8a6-9574-4076-aae6-b44ea277ae1e”]

On Tuesday’s Night Show, Larry Wilmore scorned the Texas Board of Education for legislation that whitewashes American history books to downplay slavery and segregation. The laws, which were passed in 2010, have just gone into effect and alter the history books to downplay things like the KKK, Jim Crow laws, and the slave trade, which will now be referred to as the “Atlantic Triangular Trade.” Larry remembers the triangular trade. “That’s when America trapped a surplus of triangles, and the triangles helped build this nation, and in turn, received separate but equilateral treatment.” Texas further passed laws that would not let academics fact check books. So, Larry takes things into his own hands, and reads a book to a group of elementary students about the reality of the slave trade.


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