Larry Wilmore puts Donald Trump on blast for his recent string of lies

[comedycentral id=”c41eada5-79fa-44e4-899f-7f42a253977e”]

In his continuing coverage of “The Race to De-Negro-Fy” the White House, Larry Wilmore put Donald Trump on blast for his recent string of lies. The latest GOP polls confirm that Trump has the lead over every other candidate, “including Common Sense,” who is even polling behind Jim Gilmore. Trump has been trying to widen his base, so he recently met with over 100 black pastors, which he said was “an amazing meeting.” Larry is not convinced. “Come on, man. No one has an amazing meeting with 100 African American pastors unless they’re, like, a 12 button suit salesman.” Of the 100, only three spoke up on Trump’s behalf. Larry does the math. “Three black endorsements out of 42 million black people, carry the Omarosa…” and that seems to be proof enough that Trump has, in his own words, “a great relationship with the blacks.”

Trump may have a harder time gaining the vote of the disabled in America after he imitated disabled New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski. Larry doesn’t even have a joke about this, he just “can’t imagine anyone running from president would imitate a disabled person,” and then not only refuse to apologize, but demand an apology from the Times for the accusation. “Why should I believe you’re sensitive to disabled people? You literally just released a book that’s titled Crippled America,” says Larry. “Reality, facts, and the truth just don’t matter in the Trump camp.” Trump further proved this last week by claiming he saw thousands of Muslims cheering on 9/11 as the towers came down. Larry would think these lies would shake Trump’s supporters, but cut to a clip of a supporter responding to whether or not Trump bends the truth. “You know what, he may,” she says, “but he’s still gonna get things done.” There’s no shaking that.


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