‘The Daily Show’ analyzes the COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris

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On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah broke down the implications of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. The conference, called COP21, gathered 150 world leaders, including President Obama, to find a way to save the planet. As Trevor points out, Obama now “has to clean up the job that Captain Planet and the Planeteers left behind.” During the conference, the leaders attempted to devise a binding agreement to help stop global warming, but even now there’s still controversy over what’s causing climate change. The most recent theory is that sea levels are rising due to the tears of everyone listening to the new Adele album,” says Trevor. For more on the conference, Trevor sends it to Desi Lydic for further analysis.

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Desi Lydic points out that the COP21 conference has one goal: “a legally binding agreement to prevent Nelly’s apocalyptic vision,” as foretold in his 2002 track “Hot in Herre.” Since 1880, the temperature of the earth has risen 0.85 degrees, which has already begun taking its toll on the planet. But scientists predict in the next few decades, it could rise by as much as 2 degrees. “And according to most scientists, 2 is a bigger number than 0.85. Like you needed another reason to hate math.” The problem is, there have been similar conferences that resulted in little change. Lydic says this could be different, though, because if every country doesn’t choose to regulate carbon after the conference, they risk serious consequences, such as “side eye, losing twitter followers, and looking like a dick.” That should work.


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