After Planned Parenthood shooting, Jordan Klepper asks America not to discriminate against white men

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Jordan Klepper joined Trevor Noah on Monday’s The Daily Show to discuss the problem of discrimination against white men. Friday, a gunman in Colorado Springs opened fire at a Planned Parenthood facility, killing three people, including a police officer. The GOP has been quick to blame everything but their own anti-abortion rhetoric, despite the fact that the shooter said “no more baby parts” to the cops after the shooting, and had been known by neighbors to distribute anti-Obama pamphlets. “This guy’s a creep,” says Trevor. “That’s how you greet your neighbors? With an anti-Obama pamphlet? I mean, you could have at least baked them a nice pie with the same message.” Most politicians have tried to treat the situation with respect, except Ted Cruz, who quoted an internet rumor that the shooter was a “transgendered leftist activist.” Trevor warns him, “If we believed everything we read on the internet, I would be reporting that Ted Cruz’s anus is where his bellybutton should be, and vice versa.” This information can be found on, a real website created by the show to further prove his point that anyone can pass anything off as fact on the internet.

Even more concerning is the double standard of media outlets when labeling an attack as terrorism. If it were a Muslim shooter, the word would have been thrown around easily. Trevor brings on Jordan Klepper to plead with the American people not to discriminate against white men. The irony is strong with this one. “I get it, most mass shootings in America are done by white, Christian-looking dudes. But the vast majority of white guys are peaceful bros who want to live quiet lives here in America,” Klepper says. “This anti-white paranoia is a slippery slope that will only lead to surveilling guys like me in our most sacred places: Luke Bryan concerts, bikram yoga classes.” Trevor challenges him to question whether white culture radicalizes young white men. “Do many people in your culture believe they belong to the one true religion?” Trevor asks. “Damn right, I mean, Christianity number one. JC for life!” Klepper responds. “And do they believe that the only path to salvation is for others to reject their false gods?” Trevor queries, to which Klepper can only answer, “Heck, yeah! Get on board or go to hell, right?” But Klepper requests to be seen as an individual, and not be associated with murderers because of his race. “That’s all we’re asking for, because if the situation were reversed, we’d do the same for you.”


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