Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Donald Trump’s numerous false claims

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Seth Meyers took a closer look at Donald Trump’s increasing number of false claims on Tuesday’s Late Night. On Saturday, Trump falsely claimed he saw Muslims celebrating on 9/11 as the towers fell, but there is not evidence to support that anything like that ever happened. Then again, Seth remembers, Trump also said he met Vladimir Putin when they were on the same episode of 60 Minutes, despite the fact that they filmed in separate countries. “So, Trump’s understanding about how TV works is not 100 percent trustworthy. ‘I know the Dallas Cowboys very well. Just this weekend they played a game in my living room. If you don’t believe me, ask my friends Ross and Rachel.'” Every time Trump is challenged to prove one of his false claims, he doubles down. In this case, MSNBC’s Katy Tur says she asked him like a broken record to confirm what he saw. His response was to say that he knows he saw it because he has “the world’s best memory, and that everybody knows that.”

It isn’t just Muslims he is making false claims against. Trump retweeted an image showing blatantly racist statistics that claim the amount whites killed by black in 2015 was 81 percent. The actual number is 15 percent, according to the FBI, and Seth says, “I know from watching Dateline that the remaining 85 percent of whites are killed by husbands with boats.” The Twitter account that posted the original image was filled with neo-nazi imagery and described Hitler as “the Austrian chap with the little moustache.” Once again, when confronted about the tweet, Trump doubled down. “I didn’t tweet, I retweeted someone who was supposedly an expert,” he said to Bill O’Reilly. “When your defense is you didn’t tweet it, you retweeted it, you’re beyond doubling down. Now you’re quadrupling down,” says Seth, and with words like this, Trump has crossed the threshold from a fun candidate, to someone who is spreading dangerous rhetoric.


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