Trevor Noah discovers what feeds Mike Huckabee’s campaign

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On Thursday’s The Daily Show, Trevor Noah discovered the key to Mike Huckabee’s success: food metaphors. The recent debate on Syrian refugees has proven to be a complex “balancing act between moral responsibility and the risk of increased threats,” so Huckabee has been trying his best to explain it so everyone can understand. In an interview, he asked, if you bought a five pound bag of peanuts, and knew five of them were poisonous, would you feed them to your kids? “Well it depends, how shitty are your kids?” Trevor asks, “because if they’re the kind of people who compare suffering refugees to tainted peanuts, then maybe.”

That was not the only time Huckabee compared refugees to food. He also used the Chipotle E. coli outbreak, and sour milk left on a shelf. But Trevor points out that the food metaphors don’t end there. Huckabee is “always bringing everything back to food,” whatever the topic. When discussing social security, he brought up a “sack of Krispy Kreme,” on the GOP candidates, it was a buffet, and “politics is like opening a Baskin-Robbins store.” Watch the video for so many food references, Trevor needs “a sack of Imodium.”


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