Aziz Ansari as Bobby Jindal reveals his future plans to Jimmy Fallon

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Aziz Ansari returned to the Tonight Show Thursday night to bring back his Bobby Jindal impression for perhaps the last time. Jindal announced this week that he would be suspending his campaign for president, which is a clarification Aziz’s Jindal is sure to make. “For the record, I’m not ending my campaign, I’m just suspending it.” Just like how Han Solo was frozen in carbonite then thawed out later, Jindal plans to thaw out his campaign for the 2020 election. In fact, that’s his campaign slogan. “Jindal 2020: Thaw it out!”

Aziz’s Jindal isn’t going to wait around for the 2020 thaw, though. He has a deal with Fox News to create a show called Bobby Jindal’s Adventures Across America, but because the name was so long, he has shortened it to BJ’s Across America. He also started a new hobby inspired by George W. Bush. He is painting high concept nudes of himself “riding an eagle straight into the white house.” Watch the video above to see what else he has to say to Jimmy, including, “Is this really gonna be on the Tonight Show?… You do realize I’m Bobby Jindal, right?”


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