‘The Daily Show’s Kristen Schaal has a line of yoga pants that won’t distract men!

"When life gives you Lululemons, you turn them into Lululemonade."

[comedycentral id=”7a1a7e27-89cb-4549-9182-d2d88b42036c”]

Kristen Schaal returned to The Daily Show Wednesday to discuss a very important issue: yoga pants and leggings. Kristen reports that schools across the nation have begun banning yoga pants and leggings because they can be too revealing, or distract boys from doing their work. As Trevor points out, “teenage boys would even stare at a cloud if it looked like an ass,” but that hasn’t stopped administrators from cracking down on young women. Sure, yoga pants are comfortable, but “you know what’s even more comfortable? Having a future,” says Kristen. “No one’s gonna take you seriously if you’re not dressed as professionally as your male classmates.”

This segment oozes with ironic agreement as Kristen satirically defends the male stance on the matter. Kristen shows a clip from Fox News of a panel of dads commenting on models in yoga pants. “Please, middle aged dads, tell us what we can wear to make you more comfortable,” says Kristen earnestly, before coming up with an idea herself, because “when life gives you Lululemons, you turn them into Lululemonade.” Kristen has made a new line of leggings, and brings out models to show off her designs that will surely keep the boys away, including one pair that features “something no one ever wants to look at…The iTunes terms and conditions!”

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