‘The Daily Show’ talks Bobby Jindal’s nanny cam and Ben Carson’s brain

[comedycentral id=”abb3046b-5dd4-4f81-807d-38079ed62ed1″]

Trevor Noah led off Wednesday’s The Daily Show with a campaign update. Bobby Jindal has dropped out of the race. The governor from Louisiana never got out of single digits, which Trevor points out is not percentage digits. “We’re talking about actual digits: Bobby’s wife, Bobby’s lawyer, Bobby’s dentist, Bobby himself.” Jindal was the guy who announced he’d be running for president by nanny-camming his family, so Trevor updates the footage to show Jindal’s family’s reaction to the end of his campaign.

[comedycentral id=”97775f84-7d6a-453c-a2b7-d77875b4efb4″]

The Republican frontrunner Ben Carson isn’t going anywhere, which means information continues to come out about him. One of his campaign advisors told the New York Times that, despite numerous meetings, they can’t get “one iota” of intelligent information across to Carson on the Middle East, saying that Carson needs weekly briefings so “we can make him smart.” As Trevor points out, “of course Ben Carson’s advisors can’t make him smart. You can’t change his brain. That’s a job for a neurosurgeon.” Trevor decides to judge for himself if Carson is ready to tackle foreign policy by showing clips of him being asked to do just that. When asked who he would call first if Paris happened on his watch, Carson had no answer. But Trevor does. “Ghostbusters! come on! everybody knows the right answer to that question!” To discuss the Carson campaign’s reaction to this rogue advisor, Trevor calls on Jessica Williams, who compares the situation to a messy break up that, apparently, strikes too close to home.


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