Stephen Colbert gives Bobby Jindal the ‘Hungry for Power Games’ treatment

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Stephen Colbert brought back his Caesar Flickerman impression to pay tribute to another victim of The Hungry for Powers Games. He begins the segment by reminding us that it’s been a tough week for the world, and “at times like these I like sharing some good news, but instead I’m gonna talk about Donald Trump.” Trump is ahead 22 points in the polls, which is higher than the age of his next wife. It’s also just lower than the number of remaining candidates with “smiles as tight as a snare drum, so full of promise and Iowa corn dogs.” But that number is slowly dropping, and the most recent candidate to fall prey to the game of power is Republican Governor Bobby Jindal.

Louisiana Governor Jindal has said that his parents, who immigrated to the U.S. from India, told him he could do anything in life, but as his dreams of becoming president fade, Stephen has some terrible news about the tooth fairy for Bobby, too. “She’s not voting for you, either.” Jindal gained popularity in 2013 for calling out the bazar and offensive ways of the Republican party, saying, “We’ve had enough of that.” Apparently not, says Stephen, because “offensive and bazar are in first and second place,” and Bobby Jindal is just another victim of The Hungry for Power Games.


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