Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the Republican response to Syrian refugees

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On Wednesday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took a closer look at the Republican response to Syrian refugees. Over two dozen Republican governors, as well as one Democratic governor have called on Obama to end his plan to resettle refugees, and have either refused to accept Syrian refugees or suspended acceptance of new ones. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is one such governor. “That’s right,” says Seth, “Scott Walker is saying flat out no to refugees just like voters said flat out no to president Scott Walker.” Unfortunately for these statesmen, they don’t have the legal power to ban anyone from entering their state or city, “otherwise Justin Beiber would have been banned from Miami years ago.”

Despite Republican insistence that the refugees pose a threat, the fact remains that the US has resettled 748,000 refugees since 2001, and only arrested three for planning terrorist activities. Ted Cruz’s own father came here from Cuba, and when asked about it, he said if his father were part of a violent theocratic movement, then it would have made perfect sense to deny him entrance. But as Seth points out, “when Ted Cruz’s father came here in the 1950s, the closest equivalent to a political movement using violence to achieve its goals would have been communism. And it’s not like Cruz has ever acknowledged his father used violence to fight for a communist leader like, say, Fidel Castro,” right? Yes, he did. On Seth’s show in 2013, Ted Cruz said exactly that, and of course, Seth has the video to prove it. Watch the video to see Seth’s further examination of the reaction from candidates like Carson and Christie, and news from France, who just experienced its worst attack since WWII, but will still take in 30,000 refugees.


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