James Corden pays tribute to lonely women

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/gNFjRvbX91g”%5D

James Corden kicked off Wednesday’s Late Late Show with a tribute to lonely women. A new study this week showed that the cities of Portland and Seattle have the highest percentage of single women over 40 living with cats. And as Corden says, “It goes without saying that they also lead the nation in frozen yogurt shops, zumba classes, and crying.” This makes sense to James, because in Portland “when the choice is between a cat and a guy who works ten hours a week getting his urban goat farm up and running, you’re gonna go with the cats.” And the most eligible bachelor in Seattle is apparently still Frasier.

Being a woman on your own is about to get a lot better, says Corden, thanks to Izivibe, which is a new product that turns a smart phone into a vibrator. Corden gets off a few jokes about a “new place to check when your phone goes missing,” and knowing your marriage is falling apart when you’re asking your husband for a charger. But when he begins to describe the device in detail, he’s cut off by the CBS censor. Watch the video to see what he’s allowed to say on television.


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