Trevor Noah ridicules the various responses to the Paris attacks

[comedycentral id=”db997a06-ba5a-49dc-8cdb-b0a4cdd63a69″]

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah ridiculed the hateful and ignorant responses to the attacks in Paris. Everyone wants to get rid of ISIS, but it’s not as simple as sending troops. We’ve done that before. Plus, it was recently revealed that ISIS now has a help desk with a half dozen people to help terrorists, presumably with their suicide vests. Trevor suggests we send some of our guys over to sort it out for them. “I’m sorry you are having trouble with your suicide vest…Have you tried turning it off and back on again?” Republicans launched questions at Obama after the attack demanding to know why we can’t just take them out. Obama said there is no immediate resolution, but Trevor points out that “these are Americans you’re talking to, the people who spend millions of dollars every year on diet pills that help you lose 50 pounds in five days.” They want an immediate resolution, and Trevor says it is normal to want to defeat ISIS, but “not everyone is normal, and most of them are running for office.”

Politicians have a different way of grieving from normal people. Stage one for them is to use the tragedy to say what they would have said anyway. Like Trump’s assumption that more guns would have saved the victims in Paris, or as Trevor puts it, “let’s dig our way out of this hole with more holes.” Stage two is the Nazi comparisons. Marco Rubio said in an interview that we wouldn’t spare all Nazis because of the chance that some were non-violent, essentially calling all Muslims Nazis, and radical Muslims violent Nazis. Then Mike Huckabee said we need to “wake up and smell the falafel,” and the self-parody no longer needed Trevor to make the jokes.


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