‘The Daily Show’ exposes the real reason Alabama won’t accept refugees

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Still from Comedy Central

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah and Roy Wood, Jr. discussed the implications of Alabama’s refusal to accept Syrian refugees. 26 U.S governors announced this week that they would not accept Syrian refugees, despite having no legal authority to make such a ruling. Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is one of those governors, but no refugees have yet decided to settle in his state. “Alabama is basically the ugly guy at the club pointing out all the girls he’s not going home with,” says Trevor. “Nobody’s looking at you, Alabama.”

Trevor brings in Roy Wood Jr., who is from Alabama, to discuss the news, and Wood defends the Alabama stance that we can’t trust all Muslims because a few of them could be terrorists. “Isn’t that like saying we can’t trust all police just because there are a few bad ones?” asks Trevor. “Exactly, Trevor! Now you’re getting it!” says Roy, before getting to the real reason Alabama isn’t prepared to accept refugees: “Were happy to have them, we just don’t know how to hate them, yet.”

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