Larry Wilmore calls out Republicans for their xenophobic treatment of Syrian refugees

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On Tuesday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore called out Republicans for their xenophobic and jingoistic response to Syrian refugees following the Paris attacks. 26 U.S. governors announced this week that they would not accept Syrian refugees, but Wilmore has some good news for the refugees: “Colorado is still welcoming you.” Chris Christie was asked in an interview if he would even accept orphans under five, and he said no. “To be fair the man is running for president,” reasons Wilmore, “and turn out for refugee orphans under five in the New Hampshire primary is at record lows.” Ben Carson said bringing refugees here would be “a suspension of intellect,” to which Wilmore says, “This is the one issue I trust you on—the suspension of intellect.”

Mike Huckabee said we need to “wake up and smell the falafel,” we cannot take these people from the desert and throw them into an English speaking world and expect them to survive in some place like Minnesota. So, “you think these desert savages can’t possibly understand the concept of coats?” asks Larry. “The high in Damascus today was 60 degrees. It’s not Tatooine.” Of course, some hesitance is normal when terror is involved, but the most damning argument against this type of xenophobia is a 1939 poll showing that 61 percent of Americans did not agree with accepting Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis, and even turned back a boat filled with refugees, many of whom later died in concentration camps. Republicans love to bring up the Nazis to force their policies, so maybe this is the only way to get through to them.

See The Daily Show‘s take on the subject here.


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