Trevor Noah calls on Hillary and the Democrats to out-crazy Republicans

[comedycentral id=”01201ffe-bea4-465f-adf5-fdbcb3ac7157″]

On Monday’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah broke down the highlights of Saturday’s Democratic presidential debate on CBS. Since the debate was held at Drake University, Trevor started “at the bottom” with Martin O’Malley, who he shows being cut off for a commercial break. “He lost the debate to commercials. It went Hillary, Bernie, Geico, then O’Malley.” Bernie called out Hillary for her Wall Street connections, and Hillary made what Trevor calls #thatfaceyoumakewhenbaecallsyouacorporatewhore, before using 9/11 to justify her corporate support, saying she spent a lot of time in downtown Manhattan rebuilding after 9/11 and rebuking terrorists. “Wait what?” interjects Trevor. “You take money from Wall Street because otherwise the terrorists win?”

Trevor goes on to say that rounding up the Democratic debates is harder because the candidates don’t do as much crazy stuff as the Republicans. But he argues that’s part of the GOP’s strategy. “Republicans play it much smarter,” he reasons. “They do so much crazy shit, that no one pays attention to their policies,” like when Ted Cruz couldn’t list the five government agencies he would get rid of. We were laughing so hard, we forgot about the fact that Ted Cruz wants to get rid of five government agencies! Trevor has some advice for Hillary. “If you don’t want people probing your Wall Street connections, you’ve gotta step up your crazy game.” Watch to see what he suggests she do.

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