Seth Meyers questions why the low-rated Democratic debate was scheduled on Saturday night

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On Monday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took a closer look at why the most recent Democratic debate on CBS was on Saturday night. “If you were thinking ‘Nobody’s gonna watch a Democratic presidential debate on a Saturday at 9 o’clock,’ you were right!” says Seth. This recent debate had the lowest ratings of any debate this year. Saturday is America’s date night, so “if you want to know the exact moment your marriage died, it was when you were at the restaurant and your wife said ‘I don’t think I want desert, I’d like to get home and hear what Bernie Sanders has to say about wage equality.'” The Democrats only have six total debates, and this is not the only one with a weird time. The next one is on a Saturday six days before Christmas, and the following one is on a Sunday night in January after football, because the Democratic National Committee is hoping football watchers will say, “Bro, that Pats game was sick. Now let’s watch Hillary Clinton talk about trade policy in the South Pacific.”

Seth says clearly these debates are being scheduled so no one will watch them, and some think the DNC has deliberately done this to help Hillary. New Hampshire Dems confronted DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz by shouting “We want debates!” which Seth says was just before they started shouting “Homework is cool!” As it turns out, the DNC approached the television networks and then accepted whatever dates the networks were willing to give. “We only have two major parties,” point out Seth. “Could one of them seriously not get a good time slot unless it was on a channel like Lifetime?” He then imagines a Lifetime debate in which Bernie Sanders has to answer questions like, “If a stepson slept with his mother do you think it would rip a small town apart?” Watch the video for more of Seth’s coverage of the debate.

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