Larry Wilmore talks labeling terrorists with a truly “radical” Muslim

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Still from Comedy Central

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On Monday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore questioned the semantics of the Democratic candidates’ refusal to use the term “radical Islamists.” Wilmore says that he realizes some people don’t want to conflate Islam with radical Islam, but the truth is that “conflaters gonna conflate,” so if anything, the word “radical” can be used to separate them from the rest of the Muslim world. “By saying radical Islam, by definition, you’re saying not all Muslims are radical,” Wilmore says.

His “Mid-East expert” Rizwan Fahad (Fariaz Rabbani), however, has something to say about that. Fahad is a surfer who doesn’t like the use of the term “radical” to describe terrorists, because it confuses people about the true meaning of “radical.” He’s been a “radical” Muslim ever since he got his first BMX bike, and he’s just “a sweet bro who rips waves and prays five times a day.” Wilmore asks if he’d prefer they use the term “Muslim Extremists” to describe the terrorists, but Fahad says no, because that’s a dope band of rollerbladers he saw skate at the X Games. Fahad has a better name for terrorists that everyone can agree on—assholes.

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