Stephen Colbert agrees with Trump: prove Carson’s stabbing story by stabbing Trump

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On Friday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert mocked Donald Trump for his manic speech in Iowa on Thursday, in which he compared Carson’s youth to that of a child molester, and called Iowans, and the rest of the country, stupid. Recent polls have placed Ben Carson at 24 percent and Trump at 23 percent. Carson leads by one point, or what statisticians call “one Santorum.” Stephen says, “Evidently people have been looking at Trump and thinking, ‘Maybe we shouldn’t elect a man who shouts crazy things. Maybe we should elect a man who whispers crazy things.'”

In his speech, Trump said he was tougher than all the other candidates, because they try to talk tough, and according to Stephen’s translation, “tough guys don’t talk tough unless they’re talking tough about other tough guys who aren’t tough because they talk tough…And if you don’t like it? Tough!” Trump went on to question Carson’s story of when he tried to stab his friend and the knife broke on his belt buckle. Stephen calls on the MythBusters to come on his show and prove once and for all if a buckle could, in fact, break a knife. “Your country needs you,” implores Stephen, “because if Ben Carson did not actually try to stab a teenager, how can we take him seriously as a presidential candidate?”

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