‘The Daily Show’ reports on the ‘enormously dysfunctional’ Federal Election Commission

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On Thursday’s The Daily Show, Jordan Klepper reported on the Federal Election Commission’s inability to control Super PACs. Trevor Noah begins the segment by pointing out that $5 billion will be spent on the 2016 presidential race, which is double the amount spent in 2012. Of that $5 billion, 158 families have donated almost half of all that campaign money, despite there being 120 million households in America. “I wish I had know this before Halloween” says Trevor. “I bet those houses gave out some serious candy.” It seems that a candidate can not run for president without being backed by a billionaire. Trevor points out that the wealthy are spending so much, the candidates have become like eccentric art, but federal law forbids Super PACs from coordinating with candidates. Trevor throws it to Jordan Klepper for a report on how PACs get around these laws.

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The Federal Election Commission was created after Watergate to stop election corruption, but lately, the agency “isn’t doing jack.” Klepper sits down with FEC Commissioner Ann Ravel, who calls her own agency “enormously dysfunctional.” A Super PAC for Carly Fiorina tried to call itself “Carly for America,” but was turned down because a PAC cannot be shown to endorse one single candidate. So, they changed the name to “Conservative Authentic Responsible Leadership for You and for America,” or “CARLY for America,” which was approved. Klepper says that is “Bats#*t Unbelievably Loony Ludicrously SHocking It’s Terrible.” The problem is that the commission is made up of three Democrats and three Republicans who are constantly in a deadlock, so the likelihood of enforcement of major cases is slim. When asked how she felt about telling politicians on television that her agency has no power to stop them, Ravel responds, “They all know this.”


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