Seth Meyers plays ‘Ya Burnt’ with Starbucks, debates, and WHO

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On Thursday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers brought back his recurring segment “Ya Burnt” to burn American culture with a stream of fiery jokes. Everyone is talking about the Starbucks Christmas cup, but Seth asks, “Why would you trust Starbucks with the Christmas spirit in the first place? I wouldn’t trust Stabucks to spell Christmas.” Trump says when he’s president we’ll all be saying Merry Christmas again, but Seth thinks “if Donald Trump is president most of us will be waiting for someone to say April fool’s.”

Seth moves on to the debates and outrageous questions posed to the candidates, like if Jeb Bush would kill baby Hitler. Seth has some burning questions for people who would kill baby Hitler, like how do you expect to find him? And when you come back you can’t tell anyone you killed baby Hitler, because, “Oh, right. You don’t know who that is, thanks to me.” To which the obvious response would be, “I’m sorry, did you just say you killed a baby?” Seth also had some sizzle for the World Health Organization, which announced recently that bacon causes cancer. “I assume your organization is called WHO, because every time you release a study people say, ‘Who asked you?!'”


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