Larry Wilmore ridicules Bloomingdale’s and Starbucks haters

[comedycentral id=”21b34440-f216-4e4d-8b8c-1321def8a5f7″]

Larry Wilmore ridiculed Bloomingdale’s and Starbucks haters on Thursday’s episode of The Nightly Show. Bloomingdale’s came under fire recently after releasing a Christmas ad that said “Spike your best friend’s egg nog when their not looking.” Wilmore asks the obvious question. “What kind of clothing are you selling? Cosby sweaters?” Disgusted by the ad, Larry then asks, “Who’s their target demo? Bill Cosby? I had to do it again!” And he keeps piling on the ad, which is “so awful it makes Bloomingdale’s look like Cosby’s hotel room!”

Bloomingdale’s isn’t the only company experiencing Christmas outrage. Some Christians are angry Starbucks holiday cups no longer feature Christmas decorations, like snowmen and ornaments. “No snowmen?” asks Larry. “How am I gonna celebrate the birth of Jesus?!” It only takes one thing to set off a firestorm, but “only in America can people be outraged over cups.” Larry answers the Starbucks boycott by going to Bethlehem Brew for his Christmas coffee.


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