James Corden mocks Brooklyn adults paying to rent moms and attend preschool

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/anzPm_VAVW0″%5D

On Thursday’s Late Late Show, James Corden mocked new trends for Millennials who don’t want to grow up. A woman in Brooklyn is trying to capitalize on Millennial youth culture by offering her services as a rental mom for $40 an hour. Corden says it has to be uncomfortable when your real mom notices your apartment is clean and your laundry is folded, and says, “Wait a minute. Have you been seeing other moms?” The website for Need a Mom clarifies that if you need real professional help, she can refer you to real doctors, therapists, and treatment centers. “And a good way to know that you need actual professional help is that you just tried renting a fake mom on the internet,” points out Corden.

Another Brooklyn institution catering to Millennials is a preschool for adults that charges $1,000 for a five night course that includes show-and-tell and finger painting. Corden wonders, “Why is it that anytime you put the word ‘adult’ before something, it immediately becomes creepy, or sad, or both?” Like adult bookstore, adult diapers, or adult Michael Jackson. Corden really lays into these mom and preschool programs for adults, because “being a 26 year old is already more like being a child than at any other point in our history.” Hundreds of year ago, by 26 most people had seven children. Today, the “biggest challenge of your mid 20s is if your Uber is buffering.”

Corden also kicked off a new segment with Reggie Watts, called “By the Numbers,” in which they mock political pundits and analysts by associating random, meaningless numbers with each presidential candidate. Watch below to see why the “key word here is ‘remainders.'”

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/dyA3U4UMqaQ”%5D


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