Trevor Noah breaks down replays of the Republican debate game

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On Wednesday’s The Daily Show, Trevor Noah broke down Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate on Fox Business network. After complaints about the CNBC debate, Republicans asked for a dinging sound to signal the end of time, which made the debate sound like a game show, but Trevor points out, “if this was a game show, it would screen out all the crazy people and everyone would actually have to answer the questions.” Trevor’s favorite part of the debate was a call back to the 2012 moment when Rick Perry attempted to list the three government agencies he would get rid of, but could only think of two. Ted Cruz attempted to list five, and repeated the Department of Commerce twice. Trevor has some advice if you are a state-wide elected official in the state of Texas, “the one thing you should not do under any circumstances” is list the government agencies you would cut. But he also points out that, if you are, “it shouldn’t be that hard to remember a list of 3 to 5 things.”

Jeb Bush needed to come out strong and confident, but failed miserably. Trevor says his foreign policy material didn’t fare well at all. Jeb said watching Putin take over the fight against ISIS is like playing Monopoly. “Wait let me get that straight. Monopoly is the first board game that comes to your mind?” wonders Trevor. “There’s no better board game to describe the risk of a strategy that puts our battleships into trouble? Sorry!” Watch the video for more jokes at Jeb’s expense, and to see Trevor give reasons for why Trump is overstaying his welcome.

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