Corden talks crocodiles and a drug-smuggling grandma

late late show james corden
Still from CBS

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James Corden talked about prison breaks and drug smuggling grannies on Wednesday’s Late Late Show. Indonesia’s antidrug chief recently announced an idea to put offenders on an island surrounded by crocodiles. “I was shocked it came out of Indonesia and not last night’s Republican debates,” says Corden. He also points out, “If you break out of prison, I do not recommend telling your cell mates, ‘Later, alligator,’ because after a while you’ll end up in a crocodile.”

As hard as it is to get out of prison, it may be harder to smuggle things in. A 73 year old grandmother in Spain recently tried to bring drugs into prison for her grandson using a chocolate egg placed in her vagina. Corden has some news for the prisoner, “If you’re willing to take drugs that came out of your grandmother’s vagina, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I think you might have a drug problem.” He also points out it’s sure to be an awkward conversation when that guy tries to sell those drugs in prison. Watch the video for more laughs.

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