Billy Crystal helped Jimmy Fallon finish his monologue

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Billy Crystal joined Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s Tonight Show to tell a stream of jokes at the expense of Bernie and Hillary. Fallon began by throwing the monologue back to Johnny Carson’s famous call and response technique. “Bernie sanders is so old,” he said. “How old is he?” asked the audience. “He needs twelve Viagras to go up in the polls.” As he continued on to Hillary’s age, he had to stop because of a tickle in his throat, so Billy Crystal tagged in to pile on the two Democratic frontrunners.

Crystal let out a steady flow of punch lines. Speaking of flow, Bernie Sanders is so old, “he thinks a trickle down theory is about him urinating.” That joke got him rolling, and he didn’t let up on Hillary, who is “so old, her first political scandal was deleting all her telegraph messages.” Fallon tagged back in to say “she’s not running for president, she’s mall-walking for it.” Watch the video for more from the duo.

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