Trevor Noah wants to free Jeb Bush from campaign captivity

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Trevor Noah compared Jeb Bush to an orca trapped at Sea World on Tuesday’s The Daily Show. Sea World recently announced that it would end all killer whale shows starting next year after backlash from animal rights groups and support for the documentary Blackfish. “At least people can agree that black fish matter,” said Noah, before comparing the captive whales to a presidential candidate. “Republicans have their own blackfish. His name is Jeb Bush, and here he is in campaign captivity.” We then see a clip of Jeb letting out a long moan of pain and annoyance.

Jeb is the third man in his family to run for president, and Noah argues that Jeb has been pressured into following in the footsteps of his father and brother. In the Bush household, “you weren’t considered men until you invaded Iraq or lost your virginity, whichever came first.” Jeb has been bred and trained for the White House, and he has to go out and perform, but “Jeb Bush wants to be set—no, he deserves to be set free.” But Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj reports from Bush Campaign HQ that Bush loves his life at “Jeb World,” and if you let him go, he will wash up on the shore in two weeks, “choking on his Super PAC money.”

The Daily Show has created a petition to free Jeb from his cruel campaign. Sign it here!

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