Larry Wilmore responds to race relations at University of Missouri

[comedycentral id=”08960ddb-175d-474e-8360-8ef374bce8ad”]

No one in late night has tackled the subject of race relations more often and more extensively than Larry Wilmore, so it is no surprise that he responded to the recent news out of Missouri. Both the president and chancellor of the University of Missouri stepped down Monday amid backlash over their response to race relations on campus. Tempers have flared recently after numerous instances of racism came to light, including frequent racial slurs, even among faculty, and swastikas drawn in residence halls. The most recent swastika was drawn with human feces, and Wilmore says “the headline here is more hygiene than racism,” wondering if the culprit is “trying to make a case for the Turd Reich.”

Tim Wolfe, the president of the university system, stepped down after being frequently confronted by student activists. But Wilmore shows that it was not the student uprising that caused him to step down, it was football and money. This weekend, the Mizzou football team announced it would go on strike until Wolfe stepped down, and skipping a game would have cost the university a million dollar cancellation fee. “It was football and money that saved the day. This is such an American story,” says Wilmore. “For a university whose official colors are black and gold, black seems to be a lot less important than gold.”


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