James Corden imagines how the Republican candidates would travel in time

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/9m4CvbikAXc”%5D

James Corden proved “it’s not all fun, just because it’s, like, a chubby british guy,” by laying into the Republican candidates ahead of last night’s debate. Jeb Bush was recently asked the important question of “how he would handle the menace that is baby Hitler,” to which he responded, “Hell yeah, I would” kill him. That is a horrible response for a complex question, says Corden. It’s not like a waitress is asking if Jeb wants more chicken wings, or wants to check out some monster trucks, or get matching barbed wire tattoos, or if he would want to wake up tomorrow as Kid Rock. “Hell yeah, I would!” would be the proper response to all of these situations.

Corden hoped the question about time travel would have been asked at last night’s debate, then imagined what other candidates might do. Ben Carson, he says, would probably travel back to really stab that guy. Carly Fiorina would go back to when she laid off 30,000 HP employees just so she could cackle and taste the blood again. Watch the video to see what else the candidates would do.


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