James Corden makes fun of Obama for trying to take Facebook seriously

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/93xeeuE9nR8″%5D

On Monday’s Late Late Show, James Corden mocked President Obama for joining Facebook and trying to have a serious conversation on the social site. The president made a personal Facebook page yesterday morning and Corden points out the similarities between Obama and the site, saying they “both captured America’s hearts and minds eight years ago, and they both seem to bring out a lot of racism in people.” Obama wants to use Facebook to have real conversations, but Corden asks, “Does he know what Facebook is?…Facebook is not for important issues, it’s for baby photos, and watching your friend Jeff spiral into depression after his breakup with Charlotte.”

If Obama thinks Facebook is for hard hitting news, Corden has some news for him. The most recent trending topics on the site were a cat that looks like a werewolf and clouds that look like UFOs, which, Corden points out, “are not actual unidentified flying objects. They’ve been identified. They are clouds.” Corden then shows a few of Obama’s status updates from yesterday, including, “Just went ham sandwich on ISIS with a predator drone, LOL.” Check out the video above for more.


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