Larry David was the real star of Trump’s ‘SNL’

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Larry David was the most interesting thing to happen to Saturday Night Live last night, overshadowing the controversial host, Donald Trump. David returned to the cold open to once again play Bernie Sanders, this time opposite Cecily Strong as Rachel Maddow, mocking MSNBC’s Democratic Forum, “a debate that no one watches.” Strong first brought out Martin O’Malley (Taran Killam) only to get him off the stage, then Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon), asking her such questions as “What language would you most like to learn?” To which Clinton responded, “I think I’m gonna say casual English.” But this was all fodder leading up to the real point of the sketch, which was the return of Larry David in his role of a lifetime.

David once again portrayed Sanders as a disheveled, cantankerous old man. “The only people I like are my seven adorable grandchildren.” he said. “The youngest one is so cute. He just turned 40.” He also told Maddow how he avoids America’s crumbling infrastructure by kayaking across all bodies of water, then called for his supporters to send them all their vacuum pennies. Watch the video to see him do what he does best, perfectly mimicking the senator’s facial expressions, before leading into the credits with, “live from New York—ah, you get it.”

We hadn’t seen the last of Larry David for the night, though. Towards the end of Trump’s monologue, someone off screen yelled, “You’re a racist!” Sure enough, it was Larry David, who heard he could get $5,000 for the interruption. Watch below to see more.

[iframe id=””%5D


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