‘The Daily Show’ gets shut out of the Iowa Republican party

[comedycentral id=”fc225da0-45df-4472-aabd-4a4b42575141″]

Trevor opened The Daily Show with a segment on the Republican presidential race and the upcoming caucus in Iowa. The candidates gathered for the Iowa Growth and Opportunity Party, “which is not, as the name suggests, an erectile dysfunction support group, but rather something else that wouldn’t give you a boner:” the last cattle call of supporters before the caucuses. “I’m not gonna lie, this country’s weird” says Trevor. “Where I’m from a cattle call is when you bring together a group of simple-minded stubborn creatures whose bullshit is partly responsible for the trouble we have with global warming.”

Trevor tries to go to Jordan Klepper for more on the debate, but cannot because the Iowa State Republican Party actually denied access to The Daily Show, because the party was afraid they were going to make fun of Iowa. Trevor shows them how wrong they are, by telling the Iowans all the things they wouldn’t make fun of them for.

In the video below, Trevor finally gets ahold of Jordan Klepper, who is standing outside the Iowa border, and continues to suggest all the things Iowans are afraid The Daily Show will call them, like “motor-scooter bound, butter-faced heifer logs with gravy trudging through their veins.” He won’t call them that, but Iowans would survive if he did, because “a little ribbing won’t kill them. It’ll be the type 2 diabetes.”

[comedycentral id=”83da1235-f49b-425a-b1a3-51d4fc2d30e8″]


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