Stephen gives tips on how to survive when Russians destroy the internet

late show stephen colbert
Still from CBS

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On Tuesday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert discussed the possibility that the Russians could destroy the cables that form the internet. Stephen was around during the Cold War, when it seemed thermonuclear war would destroy the world, but now the Russians might strike something far more dear to Americans by cutting the underwater cables that connect the internet across the oceans. “First of all, what is the internet doing underwater?…What happened to the cloud?” asks Stephen, and if our enemies can attack us from the bottom of ocean, “why did we put Osama Bin Laden down there?”

Stephen imagines what it would be like if the Russians did cut the cords. How would we order bulk vodka and Russian brides? And “could you imagine how long it would take for Time Warner to show up at the bottom of the ocean?” He then gives tips on what to pack in case the internet ever did go down. Watch the video to see what Stephen would save.

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