James Corden reveals what was fake on the internet this week

late late show james corden
Still from CBS


CBS did not make Corden’s monologue available to embed today, so the above link is to the full episode.

James Corden opened his monologue by mentioning Ashley Madison, the dating site for cheating spouses, and one man in the front row got a little nervous. Ashley Madison claimed 5.5 million women used its site, but it was recently revealed only 12,000 were actual women, and the rest were computer controlled robots. A former user is suing for false advertisement. “That’s right, a guy on Ashley Madison feels cheated.” Corden says the suit is “like buying a bag of weed, then running to tell the cops when it’s just oregano.” The suit is now class action, because other men are looking for a just outcome, “or as they call it, a happy ending.”

Fake people on the internet has become a huge problem. Amazon is fighting back against fake ratings, and celebrities on Twitter are finding out their followers are bots. Rap artist Mase had 1.7 million, but Twitter purged its site of all bots and he lost 1.5 million. “Losing 1.5 million followers in a day is hard. Normally, to do that you have to say something really awful and offensive. Although, sometimes that backfires, and you end up the leading republican candidate for president.”

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