Stephen Colbert challenges police brutality with dancing and karate

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On Monday’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert discusses new ways cops are combating the use of excessive force. Stephen reminds his audience that this is a complex issue. Police have a very hard job, but “on the other hand, black people aren’t imagining this stuff.” So, he treads lightly by saying to everyone watching, “I agree with how you feel. You know who you are. I feel strongly about that. And those people on the other side? Wrong!”

Stephen wonders what police can do to reduce the possibility of force while still maintaining public order, then shows a recent viral video of a D.C. cop dancing with a teenager. “That’s right, a police officer ended a tense situation with a dance off. Nobody was arrested, but somebody did get served.” In California, cops are now using “nunchucks, a crime fighting tool already proven affective by our nation’s ninja turtles.” But nunchucks are just like batons, which have been used brutally, except there are two of them and they’re connected by a string. The only new thing is the string, “so if they want to reduce the chance of police brutality, maybe just give the cops the string.” He then uses a few YouTube videos to show how, even with proper training, nunchucks can get out of hand.

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