James Corden talks about his frightening first Halloween in America

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/rquNHxp7VCw”%5D

James Corden talked about his first American experience with what he calls “National Try Too Hard Day on Instagram…or as you guys call it, Halloween.” In England, Halloween is very much a holiday for children, but here it’s been hijacked by adults who’ve gotten carried away. “If you spend more time on your costume than your kid’s costume, then you’re the most frightening part of Halloween.” He says he took his son trick-or-treating to a house where a guy had his throat slashed and blood squirting out, and said, “Let’s just go to a 7/11. They have full sized candy bars. That’s how bad Halloween has gotten: A 7/11 is less scary than a house in Santa Monica.”

Corden reminds the crowd that if you’re a sex offender, you have to go door to door announcing your presence, but if you have a decapitated corpse hanging from your tree, “parents are like, hmm, I bet he’s got good candy.” Corden clarifies that it’s ridiculous to make that distinction, “because they both have good candy.” Watch the video for more on kids in LA, and couples costumes.

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