‘Daily Show’s Trevor Noah defines ‘Boots on the Ground’ for Obama

[comedycentral id=”a5ff13a1-4306-41ea-9f0d-c8dc0e0a1be5″]

On Monday’s The Daily Show, Trevor Noah exposed the Obama administration’s vague rhetoric surrounding the implementation of boots on the ground in Syria. A year ago, Obama said that he would not put boots on the ground to combat ISIS in Syria, but last week, it was announced US troops would be sent to Syria to “advise and assist,” with the Pentagon talking about potential special ops missions, if necessary, because the Syrian rebels trained by the US have not been successful against ISIS, so far. “Teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime,” says Noah, “Unless that man sucks at fishing, in which case, just give me the damn pole. I don’t have all day. I’ll do it myself. Idiot!”

In the segment, titled “Ugh, Boots,” Noah shows clips of Press Secretary Josh Earnest talking around the fact that there will be boots on the ground by saying they haven’t changed their strategy, only intensified it. Noah clarifies, “So, it’s not a different strategy; it’s an intensification of the same strategy. In fact, you might say it’s so intense, that it’s completely different.” He then breaks out the dictionary to define combat, but the White House is more concerned with a different definition: “Fecal matter commonly discharged from the anus of a large bovine.”


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