Seth Meyers wraps up the Republican debate so you don’t have to watch it

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On Thursday’s Late Night, Seth Meyers watched Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate so you don’t have to, and presented his findings in “Debate Wrap-up.” The moderators for CNBC’s debate continue to get slammed, and for good reason. They opened the debate with the question, “What is your biggest weakness?” These are politicians, said Seth, “What were you even expecting them to say? ‘When I get mad sometimes I shut down bridges’?…It’s not their going to tell you they once tried to stab a guy,” says Seth, before showing a clip of Ben Carson doing exactly that.

Seth also caught a few of the Republicans making false claims. Marco Rubio spent the evening attacking the liberal media for loving Hillary, so Seth showed clips of the media loving Rubio. Seth accused him, “You’re such a media sweetheart, I’m starting to think Benghazi was your fault!” Ben Carson denied any involvement with Mannatech, despite being in a Mannatech infomercial. “In his defense, if there is one candidate who I believe would accidentally wander onto an infomercial set, sit down, and then tell a super weird story about a dog, it’s Ben Carson.” And Mike Huckabee presented a novel way to fix Medicare, which involves curing all diseases. “There you have it,” said Seth, “fixing America is as easy as curing cancer.”


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