Stephen Colbert’s “Hunger Games” parody is interrupted by Stanley Tucci

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Stephen brings back the “Hungry for Power Games” and his excellent Caesar Flickerman impression in order to discuss the recent departures from the Democratic presidential race. After beginning his show by talking about Hillary’s Benghazi hearing, a 10 hour “tantric subcommittee” led by “Acrylic American Trey Gowdy,” Stephen goes on to say, “Being a candidate sucks. It’s an ugly, nasty battle with a single, bloody survivor. It’s like the Hunger Games. No!…It’s the Hungry for Power Games!” He then dons his bright blue Flickerman wig and pays tribute to the recently lost candidates, Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb.

With the news that Jim Webb dropped out, Stephen says, “I’m sure that’ll come as a disappointment to his supporter,” and regarding the end of Chafee’s run, Stephen thinks it is a shame, because “this tribute had all the charisma of the logs he was named for.” But Stephen’s parody is just getting started when he receives a surprise visit from Caesar Flickerman himself, Stanley Tucci, who gets real with Stephen about what it means to play a larger-than-life television host.


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