Seth Meyers takes “A Closer Look” at Jeb Bush’s floundering campaign

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Seth Meyers used his long segment on Late Night to take “A Closer Look” at Jeb Bush’s floundering campaign. A few months ago, Jeb was the favorite to win the Republican nomination, but has fallen in the polls thanks to a series of mistakes and gaffs that make one thing clear: “He is not good at running for president.” When recently asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper how he could hold Hillary responsible for Benghazi, but not his brother for 9/11, Jeb was so unprepared for the question, “it was like he short circuited for a second.” But even simpler questions, like “Who is your favorite superhero?” turned into a gaff when he said the new Supergirl is “pretty hot.” Seth points out, “that answer proved that Jeb’s kryptonite is questions.”

Due to low support, Jeb has cut back on private jets and fancy hotels, so Seth says, “the next time you see a guy muttering ‘What went wrong?’ at a Day’s Inn ice machine, that’s Jeb Bush.” At this point, even the Bush family knows it is troubling times. Jeb held a strategy session with his father and brother, but Seth sees the real problem with Jeb’s run: it means more to the family than it does to him. So, Seth give Jeb some advice about getting out of the family business and following his dreams.

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