James Corden makes an attack ad for known attacker Ben Carson

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/5EHBA5pUPco”%5D

Always with a nice outsider’s view of the long election season, James Corden opens his monologue by reminding us that “it is crunch time. We are only two weeks away from being one year away from the presidential election.” All the candidates are now trying to reinvent themselves. Jeb bush recently said Melissa Benoist, the star of CBS’s Supergirl “looked pretty hot,” which, Corden points out, is “something your step dad says when he’s trying to connect with you.” Corden goes on to say that Supergirl and Jeb have a lot in common. “They both want to save America. And neither one is the most interesting member of their own family.”

Ben Carson has been questioned recently about his low energy, and he gave an interview saying he wasn’t always that way. Apparently, he was once quite volatile and even tried to kill his friend with a knife, but was stopped by a belt buckle. So, “Ben Carson tried to kill one of his friends with a camping knife, but, sure, let’s keep talking about whether Hillary Clinton used Yahoo! or Gmail.” Corden goes on to wonder where candidates can go from hhere. “How do you run against a guy who says he tried to stab someone, and is still leading in the polls?” Corden shows you how with a Ben Carson attack ad.


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