Trevor Noah investigates the Benghazi hearings

[comedycentral id=”84a5818a-6527-4ffd-b2c2-4fe09ceac550″]

Trevor Noah talks about the House committee Benghazi hearing, which interviewed Hillary Clinton for ten hours Thursday. This was not about politics, says Trevor, “this was about getting to the truth and finding clear facts.” Cut to a clip of the committee arguing incoherently. “So clear. So concise,” says Trevor.

The hearing lasted nearly ten hours. “That’s like a whole season of television that the house select committee just dropped on us like they were Netflix or something.” Trevor goes back to the beginning to retell the history of the Benghazi hearings, which has now had eight investigations. “I’m just saying, maybe you should wonder if you’re overdoing it when you have more sequels than Fast and the Furious.” The spirit of the investigation went from “Is anyone to blame?” to “Is Hillary to blame?” to “How can we blame Hillary?” Well, as Trevor points out, “Her name anagrams to Lynch a trillion!” which surely must mean something.


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