Larry Wilmore almost forgets to mock Paul Ryan’s hypocritical family values

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Larry Wilmore almost forgets to take down Paul Ryan in the latest episode of The Nightly Show. Ryan is slated to be House speaker, but before he agreed to run for the seat, he expressed a list of demands, including that Republicans would unify now, and not after the speaker election, essentially saying, “I’ll run, but you got to promise me I’ll win.” His other main demand was that he would not have to give up family time. Larry is pleased to hear that Ryan is standing up for work/life balance. “That’s great stuff!” Larry admits, then moves on to his next story about an asteroid hurtling toward earth.

But Larry’s director interrupts him by coming over the speakers. “You skipped the takedown of Paul Ryan,” he reminds Larry. “You forgot to point out that he’s a total hypocrite.” Larry looks through his papers and finds the takedown, “Oh, here we go…Paul Ryan is completely full of shit” In 2009, Ryan voted to deny paid family leave to federal workers, and as chairman of the House Budget Committee, his budget got much of its savings by cutting programs that help poor people, like childcare subsidies. “In his defense, that isn’t hypocrisy. That’s just being consistent.”


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