Satirical 1999 Rage Against the Machine video predicted Trump presidential run

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The 1999 video for Rage Against the Machine’s “Sleep Now in the Fire” resurfaced today after 15 years, because a sign one minute into the video features Donald Trump’s face and the phrase, “Donald J. Trump for President 2000.” The satirical video, directed by outspoken political activist Michael Moore, shows the band taking over the steps of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street and causing a riot that forced the Stock Exchange to shut its riot doors.

The video, and the song, comment on greed and the distribution of wealth in America. It features a parody of popular game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, called Who Wants to Be Filthy F#&%ing Rich, in which questions relate to wealth distribution, health care, and poverty. The prediction that Trump would one day run for president was not an unprecedented idea at the time, as he actually considered a bid in 2000. But it took 15 years, and the dissolution of the band, for the omen to come to fruition. Maybe it’s time for a long-awaited Rage Against the Machine reunion.


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