Marty McFly and Doc Brown visit Kimmel to mock the present timeline

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Back to the Future characters Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrived from 1985 during the taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and they were not impressed with this version of 2015. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd brought back their famous characters to ask Jimmy about the current state of the world. Jimmy informed them we haven’t invented flying cars or hover boards. “Did you achieve peace in the Middle East?” asked Fox. To which Jimmy just shook his head, “Oh, no. No. No.”

The two were amazed that they’ve landed on a TV show, but Jimmy informed them “most people will watch this on their phones on the toilet tomorrow.” “That’s gross,” replied Fox. Jimmy then took a selfie, because “this is how we document important life events now.” Fox asked about Biff, who, in one timeline, became a rich, egomaniacal casino owner and ruined the world. “Oh, that guy’s running for president right now,” replied Jimmy. Watch the video for more jokes and a special cameo.


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