Larry Wilmore ridicules hacked CIA Director for using AOL email

[comedycentral id=”e59bb92f-1cd7-46f0-90a4-6cbc7f369463″]

On The Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore talks about the recent news that a stoner teen hacked the AOL email of CIA Director John Brennan and Comcast account of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. Their work emails are safe, and more importantly, “their Netflix accounts are safe,” says Larry, but there was important information in the emails, including security clearance forms and names of top officials.

“AOL? Seriously America?” Larry asks incredulously. “This is the CIA!…Did they think it was patriotic to be on America Online?” he asks before wondering if their thought process was, “Well, we need to go online, and this is America.” He imagines Brennan at home trying to use his dial-up connection to get online, shouting, “Megan, get off the damn phone! Your father’s trying to get some intel.” Larry goes on to question why nobody is up in arms about this hack the same way they are about Hillary Clinton’s emails, which were never hacked. One thing she did do, Larry reminds us, was try to make her communications more secure. Meanwhile, these guys with classified government secrets are apparently trying hard not to secure them.


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