Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper tries to help Illinois Lottery winners get paid

[comedycentral id=”223863a1-b4f6-4d4c-b84f-6bbdcd64a668″]

The Daily Show‘s Jordan Klepper recently traveled to Oglesby, Illinois to congratulate a couple who won $250,000 in the lottery. The problem is, the Illinois state government has frozen all funds to the lottery until a new budget is in order. So, Danny Chasteen, who should have gone home with a fat check, instead went home with an IOU.

Klepper decides to take matters into his own hands, and goes straight to Governor Rauner’s office to get a giant check endorsed. He takes the check right through security, because it “turns out a fat ass check can get you in just about anywhere,” but he is turned away by the office of the governor. “This is just the way things are in Illinois,” says the lawyer helping the couple sue the government. “Sounds pretty Illinnoying,” jokes Klepper. As it turns out, this budget impasse is freezing funds for the elderly, mental health, cop training, and at-risk youth, but the state is still selling lottery tickets despite knowing they won’t pay out. Klepper, in search of a happy ending, takes the winning couple on a shopping spree in a limo, paying for each bill with a government IOU.


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